St Annes Brewery

The St Annes Brewery is a project to save and maintain a beautiful building restored by my father (one of the 3 Eric’s). Since his death in 2013 its future has been uncertain. Eric Jones installed a concert size extraordinary pipe organ moved from a Central London Venue to the church and restored the Clock tower all this work can be continued as a result of the brewing project.

 The brewery is integrated into the church while allowing it to maintain it self as a community asset for Lea Cross and Short Hill. St Anne's will continue to be a venue for Concerts, weddings and other events while producing Beer. In the heart of the Shropshire country side it offers a unique back story to our Beer. We began this project by learning from Danish, Belgium and German brewers and used this to make British real ale. It gives us a new angle and unique taste. We freely use wheat, Oats, and other ingredients. The brewery also has the ability to make a Belgium style beer into Kegs like Blue Moon in the future for the wine bar market.  

call Chris On 07530556951 for beer sales